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Terms, Conditions and Guarantee

Custom Furniture Design and Material Selection

Once we have agreed on the design, material selection, hardware and finish, I will begin work on your furniture and buy all the materials. Work will start after the agreement has been signed. Any change request after this will require a stop work and a new agreement to be made. Materials purchased are not available for return. Wood will be purchased based on the agreement. Wood is a natural material and may have hidden flaws once milling has begun. For this reason, a minimum of 30% extra material must be purchased to guarantee enough wood is available for the piece. Extra material cannot be returned. If flaws are found inside the wood after purchase, additional wood must be purchased at the customer’s expense. Wood will only be purchased from reputable lumber suppliers. Wood submitted by the customer must be professionally kiln-dried, or air-dried for a minimum of 1 year per inch of thickness. Customer supplied wood must be stored inside for a minimum of 4 weeks before work can begin.

No delivery date guarantee

At this point, I do not do this full time. Your project will take me 50-100+ hours to complete. I will be working mornings, nights, and weekends until it is finished. It will dedicate all of my free time along with most of my free-thinking time. Given that I cannot work on it full time, there is no way for me to guarantee a delivery time. Also, rushing this process is not conducive to high quality work. It takes as long as it takes.

Lifetime Guarantee on joinery and construction

Your furniture piece will have a lifetime guarantee if you take care of it. It is designed to be strong enough for the intended purpose. Any warranty repairs to the piece will be performed at no cost and to the best of my ability. Repairs may be visible. Guarantee does not extend to wear and tear. Refreshing a finish or making a repair due to damage can be done on a case-by-case basis and charged at shop rates.


We have chosen a “natural” finish so the wood looks and feels good. This finish will need to be serviced (by the owner) periodically for the piece to remain in a high-quality state. You will be given care instructions and in some cases the tools you need to maintain the finish. Your finish has a one-year guarantee if the piece is kept in good condition and maintained properly. This does not cover accidents, misuse, or neglect. Finishes can be repaired at shop rate plus materials. Use a coaster or trivet. Custom, matching coasters and trivets can be ordered to match your piece.