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Whiskey Glass Holder

A gift for my longest enduring friend. The whiskey glasses (lowballs) were purchased from a bike builder in England that builds immaculate steel frames by hand. He offers these very special, heavy, whiskey glasses for sale and calls them ridiculously overbuild. I took a similar approach to the glass holder and coasters. Wanting something over the top, for special occasions, this set is something to show off to friends and to occasionally enjoy with that very special whiskey. Not your everyday drinking glass set up.

  • Construction:

    Figured black walnut box with birdseye maple lining. The whiskey glasses sit in birdseye holders that are piston fit. Small walnut and maple coasters are fitted in-between the glasses. Lid is fitted with stainless steel hinges and tiny magnets to keep the lid closed. No finger pulls or knobs are used so as not to distract from the beautiful grain of the walnut. The user simply pushes up and the lid releases.