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This was a personal design project to take an ordinary item, redesign it and make something special. I specifically wanted to work in curves and had been inspired by a cantilevered design I had seen for a thrift store banana holder. With no straight lines, every edge has been specifically softened or radiused to take away any harshness. The main support perfectly matches the curve of the banana before splaying out to the base. While not a piece that is held often, it is a pleasure to touch. I meticulously sanded this project to automotive levels of smoothness and luster. This one, small project has many details that are easily overlooked because “it’s just a banana holder.” But when you look closely, it is quite refined; more so than is needed for a simple kitchen fixture. This was very fun to work on and I am quite happy I took the time to deviate from my normal furniture building schedule to dedicate myself to this. I will be offering these as a commissioned item. 

  • Construction:

    Figured cherry base with curly maple support, stainless steel hook. Sanded to 1000 grit and finished with 7 coats of blonde shellac and rubbed with conservator’s wax.