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Meet Kevin

Originally from Texas, I moved to Colorado when I was 19 to ski, mountain bike and be close to the mountains. I’ve worked in a wide variety of jobs since I was very young; landscaping, working on cars, restaurants, corporate headquarters, start ups, and for the last 20 years at an indoor climbing gym. I’ve always tinkered with things, fixed things and liked to build “stuff”. I remember watching the New Yankee Workshop with Norm Abram (PBS TV show about a woodworker). I was fascinated, never thinking I would be able to do what he does and have a shop of my own. It took over 40 years, but that time has come. I work out of a small shop in my Longmont home that I share with my wife Laura and two dogs Audie and Senna.


My focus as a furniture maker is to create a functional piece of furniture to fit a specific need, want or desire. I design in simple, unadorned style to create pieces that will last generations and not be bound by fads or trends. I put a tremendous amount of effort into the craftsmanship of each piece. I want the joinery to fit perfectly, creating a strong foundation. I use small details, subtle reveals, and spectacular wood for each piece. I won’t build something out of pine or cheap wood and stain it dark when I can choose beautiful walnut that will show the depth and character of the wood. I use high quality finishing products that let the natural wood beauty show through, not plasticy film-finishes.

I hope to bring the beauty and uniqueness of fine crafted furniture to people that have not owned a custom piece before. The pride of ownership for custom furniture is a rewarding and lasting experience. My hope is that each piece I make be passed down or passed on.