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Cutting Board Care

Wood cutting boards are a premium option and require special care.


  • Wash your cutting board with hot, soapy water using a dish brush or sponge 
  • Wipe dry and stand on its edge to completely dry before storing
  • If it becomes excessively grooved from knife work, sand flat with 180 grit sand paper, then re-oil
    • Or contact me and I can refurbish your board for a small fee
  • Re-oil if it appears dry. Mineral oil is food safe and the easiest option. Wipe on, let it soak in, wipe off
    • Use the natural mineral oil that came with your board. It’s petroleum free!


  • Never put in the dishwasher, never store flat when wet, or leave in the sink or on a wet surface
  • Don’t let raw food sit on the cutting board for long periods. Wash immediately after each use
  • Do not submerge
  • Excess water will destroy your board. Wash it and dry it immediately after each use and it will last a lifetime